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Monday 18 January 2010 - London Tester Gathering

On the 12th Jan 2010 we held a London Tester Gathering, it was quite successful, we had around 20 participants. 
It was held at the Grosvenor Gloucester Casino where the staff were very helpful and friendly.  Thanks must be given to Stephen Allott for organising the venue.
In the past these have been purely social events, a chance to meet or catch up with people in testing. 
This time we offered the opportunity to speak and I'm glad to say we had some takers.  We had:

Stephen Allott
John Reber
Paul Gerrard
Tom Gilb

Unfortunately Steve had lost his voice so instead of speaking about 'The Testing Community' he printed out some details.

John spoke about ownership of automated
test tools in a TDD environment, he discussed the 'TDD's', his experiences and touched briefly on tools.  It was a good talk and generated some discussion which was excellent.

Paul introduced the first equation of testing, quantum testing theory and testing uncertainty principle.
He also spoke about the Test Management Summit. If you haven't already got your spot booked, get in now.
And gave away copies of The Tester Pocketbook of which you should own a copy if you don't already.  This was also a good talk and generated some discussion.

I might be the only person ever to have Tom Gilb at an event and have a short talk from him.  This is not any kind of good achievement and one hopefully he'll give me a chance to rectify at another gathering.  I wasn't aware Tom had a prior engagement to get to and the other talks over ran (which is not a bad thing) so we had a short talk from talk about his Lean QA course which is being run with TSG.

This was unfortunate as I've yet to hear Tom speak, something I hope to rectify as well.

Lessons learned:

Next time, limit it to two speakers and start it a little bit later, give everybody plenty of time to get there.

All in all it was a good night, people met, people talked.  It was good enough to organise some more.

If you're interested in attending and/or speaking please join the 'London Tester Gathering' Linkedin Grp for details.

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