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Friday 4 December 2009 - First (London) Agile Testing Meetup Group meet took place

The First (London) Agile Testing Meetup Group meet took place yesterday.  Nathan Bain is the group organiser and spoke last night.  Skillsmatter hosted the meetup.  I believe the video will be placed on the Skillsmatter site over the next few days and Nathan will be putting notes up on the Meetup site.

Nathan introduced himself and spoke about why he created the group which was essentially that he felt developers were good at these kinds of get togethers, testers....not so much.

I happen to agree and so thought the meetup group was a great idea.

As it was a first meetup things like what we want to get from it, how things will work going forward etc were discussed and will continue to be discussed over Twitter and GoogleWave.  Things like book clubs, flash mob testing were mentioned.

Nathan also gave a quick demo of a few tools, Fitnesse and Selenium and we also got together in groups to discuss issues in Agile testing which were then listed to be discussed over the next month for the next meeting. 

As I've found at other Agile events and as some of the others attending mentioned a lot of the issues mentioned were general development issues rather than specifically Agile Testing but if the group can help then great.

Also mentioned were things that were going on in the testing world such as Weekend Testers.

Before you knew it, the 8pm finish time was reached, which was probably a good thing as my stomach was growling angrily and I was near the podcast recording mic.  I actually seriously think, depending how sensitive the mic is, my stomach might be on the podcast.

I vote at the next meetup we all chip in a fiver and get some pizza or something in.

All taken into consideration I think it was a great success, I met some people, had a demo of a few tools, spoke about common problems and possibly had my hungry stomach noises recorded 'on film'.  What more could you ask for at a first meeting? 

Thanks to Nathan and Skillsmatter.

Looking forward to the next one.

Saturday 5 December 2009 - I always ask that of all my dev's. I just... like the sound of it.

Posted by Nathan
Tony, thanks for coming to the meet up.

I also thought it went well. I did learn a valuable lesson in terms of preparation of my examples, and to always have a fall back plan if things start to go wrong.

Apart from that, I was delighted that everyone participated in the discussions, and the whole group seemed to be very passionate about testing and agile practices.

I get the feeling that many of the group would attend future meetups, and I am thinking about the first Thursday in February for our next event.

For anyone who is interested in sharing there knowledge of agile testing, wants to demonstrate a useful tool, or just wants to talk on a subject related to agile testing, please get in touch and we will arrange for it to happen at our upcoming meetings.

Pizza's sound like a good plan - I will organise it for next time.

Thanks again Tony, look forward to seeing you soon.

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