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  Discover all the features we provide which enable software test professional to publish news and articles. By creating your own QA related weblog (blog), you can share your expertise as well as find a home on the web to socialize with other professional in the software testing field.



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09-24-16 Should Testing Be Oriented Towards the User?
Software testing company is focused its activity on the end users. [...] More
09-23-16 A Tester-polyglot: Excess or Necessity?
There are many different languages. This fact is taken into account by softw [...] More
09-21-16 What Should not Be Forgotten During Mobile Application Testi
Mobile applications have become an inherent part of every person’s life. Therefore, [...] More
09-22-16 How to Grow Professionally in Software Testing?
Having found an interesting occupation and got a good job, one shouldn’t stop and re [...] More
09-20-16 What Helps to Quickly Build a Career in Software Testing Fie
Possessing necessary personal qualities and professional skills, one can quickly bui [...] More
09-19-16 What Should Testers Do in Order to Perform Quality Software
As a rule, information technology attracts extraordinary people with a creative mind [...] More
09-17-16 The Main Differences Between System and Integration Testing
Software testing involves various verification principles and metho [...] More
09-16-16 The Time Proved Testing Methodologies
Software testing – the dynamic process and is constantly modified i [...] More
09-15-16 Developers and Testers: Work Differences
The key to successful project – it is a collaboration between a developer and [...] More
09-14-16 How to Get New Ideas for Software Testing?
Efficient [...] More

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