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September 21, 2012 - I'm Voting For SQAForums - How About You?

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Once again the Automated Testing Institute is conducting their annual "Automation Honors" voting. From their website: copyrightjoestrazzere

The industry's original set of awards dedicated to software test automation is again looking to crown industry leading tools, resources and practitioners with automation's top honor. That means it's time for all of you to get busy!
The ATI Automation Honors awards rely on industry practitioners to identify which tools, resources and people are the best, which have the most significant upgrades and/or which are setting the trends that will help to take software test automation to the next level in the coming year. The 4th Annual Awards promise to be even bigger and better with more categories, more trend analysis, a live ceremony at the TestKIT 2012 Conference, video presentation ceremony, and much more.

In the category of "Best Automated Testing Forum" my vote again goes to 


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